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Criminal Justice (CJ) Major

Criminal justice systems are complex and require an understanding of crime as well as the institutions and professionals that operate within these systems. The curriculum offered by Athabasca University's Criminal Justice Program will provide you with a variety of courses that address the operation of the adult and youth justice systems, examination of criminal justice policies, procedures and programs, and the roles of criminal justice professionals (for example, law enforcement) and other stakeholders (such as victims and offenders). Our degree teaches students to think critically about criminal justice policies and practices. Students receive academic training that prepares them for career advancement in the field of criminal justice as well as graduate studies.

What is A BPA-CJ degree?

  • The Bachelor of Professional Arts Degree - Criminal Justice Major is a four year degree designed for those who already possess a recognized post-secondary diploma credential or have attained a combination of some post-secondary education and/or professional experience and training.
  • The Bachelor of Professional Arts Degree, Criminal Justice Major is a degree-completion program. This means that you must present the equivalent of the first two years of university study for admission, either through completion of a recognized 2-year college diploma program or through having a combination of relevant professional and/or educational experience in the field of criminal justice. Upon admission to the program, students are deemed to possess the equivalent of the first two years of university level study, and the BPA-CJ program provides the third and fourth years of study.

It is designed for those with related criminal justice diplomas

  • The BPA-CJ builds upon the already successful criminal justice programs of Canadian colleges and Universities, allowing graduates to advance in their careers while studying full time or continuing to work in the field.
  • Your diploma must be an Athabasca University (AU) approved college credential (please go to the University's Transfer Credit Database to view approved diplomas).
  • Such recognition gives you transfer credits towards your 120 credit degree.

It is designed for those with several years of experience within the field of criminal justice

  • We can recognize the expertise you have gained through your occupational experience and training, and through other self-directed learning. Please refer to Athabasca University's Centre for Learning Accreditation for more information and learn how your experience can help you to accomplish your educational goals.
  • Our Criminal Justice degree is grounded in both the arts and sciences. It will provide you with a broader understanding of the criminal justice system and your professional role within in it. This degree draws on a wide range of disciplinary areas that includes criminology, sociology, psychology, history, political science as well as criminal justice management and administration.

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