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Athabasca University

Dr. Carolyn Greene

Associate Professor, Criminal Justice



Carolyn Greene is an Associate Professor in the Criminal Justice Program at Athabasca University. Dr. Greene holds a Bachelor of Arts degree (Criminal Justice and Public Policy) from the University of Guelph, a Master of Arts degree (Criminology) from the University of Toronto and completed her Ph.D. (Criminology) at the University of Toronto.

Professor Greene has taught undergraduate courses in the areas of policing, youth justice, sentencing, criminological research methodology, corrections and penology, victims of crime, and the psychology of criminal behaviour. She has taught interdisciplinary research methodology at the graduate level. She has also supervised graduate student research within the MA-IS Program.

She is currently working on research projects examining immigrant perceptions of police; resident experiences of invasive policing practices in Toronto's inner-city; and community perceptions of Safe Consumption Sites in Edmonton and Calgary. Her research interests include policing marginalized communities, bail and remand, the operation of the youth criminal justice system in Canada, as well as perceptions of and experiences in the criminal justice system.


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Technical Reports

Greene, C., Lucas, K., and Williams, N. (2017). Everything Comes at a Price: An Exploration of the Impact of Bylaw Enforcement Practices in the City of Calgary. Elizabeth Fry Society of Calgary: Calgary.

Greene, C. and Sprott, J.B. (2017) Understanding Remand in Alberta: A Snapshot from 2015. A Report prepared for the Ministry of Justice and Solicitor General (Alberta).

Greene, C., Jung, M., and Madon, N. (2008). Learning from the Court Experience. A Report prepared for the Honourable Roy McMurtry, Chief Justice (Ontario).

Wortley, S. and Greene, C. (2008). “Social Learning Theories” in The Root Causes of Youth Violence: A Review of Major Theoretical Perspectives. Queen’s Printer: Toronto.

Greene, C. (2006). An Investigation of the Halton Youth Justice Program: An Extrajudicial Measures Program under the Youth Criminal Justice Act. Toronto: Centre of Criminology.

Sprott, J.B, Doob, A.N., and Greene, C. (2004). An Examination of the Toronto Police Service Youth Referral Program. A report prepared for the Youth Justice Renewal Initiative Department of Justice, Canada. Toronto: Centre of Criminology.

Research Interests

  • Perceptions of the criminal justice system
  • Experiences within the criminal justice system
  • Policing marginalized communities
  • Bail and Remand
  • Youth justice

Supervisory Interests

Dr. Greene supervises approved undergraduate research for students in CRJS 487 and criminological graduate research projects in MAIS 701. Please contact Professor Greene to discuss project suitability and supervisory possibilities.

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